The Blogger

Melliza Lascano

Hi there! Should I introduce myself? Nah. If I’ll tell you facts and stuffs about myself, what’s the essence of being a mysterious, right? 🙂 So what you’re gonna do is visit my blog often to know me more ’cause this blog will serve as my sort of diary. (oha! lakas ng loob kong sabihin na bisitahin mo ‘to as if namang makabuluhan mga blogs ko. LOL)

Why “mysterious bella”? Hmmm, mysterious because that’s the best word that suits me, I think. I’m that girl who always want to be silent, don’t want to make other people see what’s the real me. Even my family and my closest friends don’t know me that much though in fact, no one else know us better than ourselves. I don’t know why, but I am not comfortable to open up myself to other people. I always think that they may judge me. I always have too many Whats ifs in my mind. What if mag-iba tingin nila sa akin? What if hindi nila ako matanggap? What if . .  What if .. ?


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