The Kind of Date

Every girl was dreaming of a perfect date with someone whom she love; dinner in nice and romantic place, picnic under the stars, a movie date and so on. But nowadays, these “romantic dates” are not just the one that girls wanted. They tend to experience something different, something adventurous. So for guys out there, I think you should start thinking how to spice up your dates every once in a while. Maybe these things may help.

Dinner in a romantic place


Isn’t this cute? 😉

Yea, it’s a typical kind of date. But some girls still love to have this ’cause they’ll dress up in a nice dress and will wear some makeup to look elegant. They also love eating while someone’s playing a violin.

Picnic under the stars


Oh! How lovely to see stars at night with your love while telling random stories to each other. The just you and me and the stars” moment.

Movie Date


Normally, this kind of date was done by the teenagers. Watch movie then will eat in their favorite fast food chain. Some will go to Time Zone to spend and enjoy their remaining time while playing arcade games.

Simple You and Me Time


Just staying at home, watching movies while cuddling, laughing to each other’s jokes, doing random things. Spending your whole day as simple as that.

Adventure date

imagesimages (1)

This one’s my favorite, though I’ve never experience to have one. Haha. This date sort of needed money ’cause you’ll expend too much here. Haha. One way to experience an Adventurous date is to go to amusement park like Star City, Enchanted Kingdom, Sky Ranch and try the extreme rides together while holding each other’s hand and shouting “Whaaaa!!! I LOVE YOUUU!!!”. How romantic, right? haha. Other way is to spend your time in Extreme Parks like Tree Top Adventure, Sand Box. (forgive me, I don’t know what these places called. 😉 ). Zip line, rapelling, extreme activities would be best.

Hello my future love, alam mo na ha?! *wink* Haha

So there. But still, it’s up to you guys on how you’ll make your girl smile. There are so many ways to make them happy, from simple things to the most bonggang things. 🙂


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