Sunday Currently 01

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Hi! It’s my first time to do this Sunday Currently blog entry, so here it is. ūüôā



Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s Stupid is Forever. The best! I like her wittiness, so genuine. If you want to smile despite of all the problems you are facing right now, try this book. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. ūüėČ


reviewer for next week’s final exams and quizzes.¬†Arrgg! There’s a lot of things to do starting tomorrow; need to have the power of kasipagan and katalinuhan for this.


Wish I May¬†by Alden Richards. I still can’t move¬†on on yesterday’s happening, the #ALDUBmeetsTVJ. Though I’m not part of the show and¬†just an avid fan of Maine and AlDub, the kilig and excitement is there. whoo!


what will be my new raket for this coming sembreak. Kailangan ko kumita. Haha


my homemade buttered puto. I always love the smell of butter. See the picture above?! Yummmm!


to have a good grades for this semester. huhu. accounting subjects and law subject are killing me. -_-


to fast forward the time so that Hello sembreak¬†na!!!! more sleeeep! more movie marathoooon! and more bloooogs! Yey! ūüėÄ


a yellow and violet racer back top and a checkered cotton short.


how Kalyeserye giving me so¬†much happiness, despite of stressful days in school. Kalyeserye never failed to make me smile especially¬†Yaya Dub. :))) And also how it reminds us Filipinos about the Filipino’s morals and values that we had already forgotten nowadays.


a new phone with high quality camera. Kaya ipon pa more! woot woot!


S L E E P. my body clock sucks. I can’t barely sleep early. I always slept at 1am then woke up at 6am.¬†kainis, diba?


nervous for what this semester will end up. though it is almost 2 weeks to go, I am always thinking if I can survive this sem. I need to think positive. I know that I can do this! AJA!

 Have a blessed week ahead!

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