Kalyeserye is LOVE

Whooo! *regine voice*

Hayy. Because of Kalyeserye, I’m pretty sure that almost all the girls out there are hoping to have that Alden boyfriend material. Paano ba namang hindi diba? Whether it was scripted or not, i like the way how he portrays the role of being a traditional binatang Filipino. The best! Of course also how Yaya Dub maintains her mahinhing agresibong dalagang Filipina. Haha.

Grabe! The way how Alden always stares to Yaya, sa split screen man o sa personal. Nakakatunaw! Ang sarap maging si Yaya. Lol

Hmmm. Actually, I dont know what to write in this blog kaya napakarandom ng mga pinagsasabi ko about sa Aldub. I just can’t find the words to express how I feel every time na may Kalyeserye lalo na tuwing Sabado. Super Kilig!

Okay. To make this post to have a little bit sense, I’ll share to you the things that Kalyeserye taught and reminded me/us on its every episode:


   – For Elderly

If you have noticed, Alden and Yaya Dub were always using “po” and “opo” every time they’re talking to Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora (guardians of Yaya) and to other Dabarkads. Also, Yaya still doing “mano” to the Lola’s. Reminding the new generation about these things is  big factor why Kalyeserye is so “patok sa masa”.

Other thing, how Alden respect Lola Nidora by asking her permission before he court and even before he dates Yaya.

   – For Women

This Kalyeserye shows that women should be treated and to women to act and dress properly to be respected.

Women shouldn’t have to show some skin just to get the attention of men and to impress them. Dressing like a Dalagang Filipina is still better than those short shorts. And men, you shouldn’t do “witwiw” every time girls will walk in front of you. Respect is the best policy. LOL

Patience and Determination

These were the factors how Alden make the girls super kilig and hoping to have a suitor like him. Those efforts like he ran from Broadwat Centrum to Edsa, swam just to get those big chili peppers flying to Bicol just to buy Lola Nidora’s wants (though it was really a part of his raket. hehe) are really the best. Sino ba namang gagawin lahat ‘yun diba habang naghihintay sa Tamang Panahon! Whoo!

And Chivalry is NOT DEAD. Alden made it to be alive again; being a nice, respectful, religious man.

I hope Kalyeserye will teach us or remind us more Filipino values.

And I am also hoping that Alden and Yaya Dub (Maine in real life) will end up together. Isa ako sa pinakamasayang AlDub/MaiDen fan kung mangyari ‘yun.

Sabi nga ni Lola Nidora, sa “Tamang Panahon”.

Kaya atin na lang Abangan. Asawa ni????


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