When I grow up . .

When I was a child, every time they asked me “Anong gusto mo paglaki mo?” I always answered “Gusto ko po maging nurse o doctor para makatulong sa may mga sakit.”. And they were like “Wow! Mabuting bata ito”.

I think this was a typical answer of all children back then and even now. Idagdag na rin natin ung gusto maging sundalo, pulis o guro, lahat ‘yun ang dahilan ay gusto makatulong sa kapwa. How thoughtful we were right?

But as the time goes by, everything changed. The way that those children think about everything changed. Some of them already wanted to become an engineer, some are to be an architect. Some of them wanted to be a graphic designer, some are to be an IT expert. That’s because they were influenced on what’s happening on our surroundings. Technology here, in demand jobs there so some got confused on what program they will take when they are already in college.

Actually, I also changed that “Gusto ko po maging nurse o doctor para makatulong sa may mga sakit”  line because as I entered high school, I wanted to become a Computer Engineer with the reason that the specialization that I chose focuses on all things about computer. I always said to myself “Ang saya din palang magbutingting ng mga parts ng computer” I really enjoyed assembling the PC unit. Kaya ‘yun naisipan kong magtake ng Computer Engineering until . . .

It was already my last year in high school, I have this subject that was all about business (Technology and Livelihood Education or T.L.E.). We learned how to do a business plan and experienced to sell our own homemade products. And of course because we had business, we should also have to learn how can we compute if we were earning profit so ACCOUNTING came. I enjoyed this topic (so much), I even always got the high score in our quizzes (yabang lang diba? haha). So ‘yun, naenjoy ko ang Assets, Liabilities o Owner’s Equity, kung Debit or Credit ba. Ang dali! Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Ay ito na ‘yun! Accountancy ang gusto ko itake sa college”.

And graduation came. Yuhooo!


And that’s how my struggles in life started! LOL 😀

I thought Accountancy was just simple Debit, Credit and Kupit. I WAS WRONG! Though I learned so much from my TLE teacher, that was not enough (so sad). But I told myself that I can do this. I will be a Certified Public Accountant someday. Aja!

Fast forward . . . .

I am now in my fourth year being an Accountancy student and I can say that it is not that easy. Nakakahiya man aminin, I failed some of my major subjects. But life goes on. I am determined to see my name in that PRC License with a CPA as my title.las

Konting kembot na lang, alam kong makakaya ko ‘to. 🙂


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