My First Ever Post

Hi! First time blogger here. 🙂

I created this account because someone inspired me to do this. Actually, I don’t personally know her and I’m pretty sure that she don’t even know that I exist . Haha. But as I have read her blog posts, I can say that she’s kinda an inspiration to all the girls like me that always having a hard time to express her real self to everyone. I’m sure that all of you know her. She is the famous Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza a.k.a Yaya Dub of GMA 7’s Eat Bulaga. Yes! It’s Yaya Dub who inspired me to do this. I can see that she can easily express what she wants and what she feels, almost everything without any hesitations. Because of her, I found out that I can do certain things also though sa mga post niya karamihan doon ay ‘yung mga kalokohan niya. Hehe. But still I like the way how she expresses and shows who she really was. Okay, enough for Yaya Dub. This blog is mine. LOL 🙂

So ‘yun.

Welcome to my site!

YEY! 🙂


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